Feed The Needy Programme provides impoverished people access to high quality and healthy foods. Every day we work alongside people who have to make the choice between paying bills or putting food on the table. We hope that you join us and our sponsors in making a significant change in people’s lives. Every dollar you invest will be directly responsible for empowering those less fortunate and allowing them access to breakfast clubs, healthy meals and giving children food both at school and at home.

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Jackii's Testimony 2017

I was in a domestic violence relationship for 2 years, I have 5 children aged 11 months old – 15years old. Since leaving that relationship, I lost my house and all of our belongings and we only had minimal clothes. We stayed in a refuge and then a motel for 28 days, then replaced back into a shelter for a few weeks.I came into the hope centre in Warrawong this particular day as my children and I had no food, we had no idea where our next meal was going to come from as finances were very tight getting shifted from one place to another. When I spoke with the women at the hope centre, I broke down and cried I was so ashamed that my children and I were in this position due to the horrible trauma we had just faced. I explained that our temp accommodation was finished and we were homeless and the staff at the hope centre made all the calls needed to secure my family accommodation so we were not on the street. The Ladies comforted my children and I and helped my family out, not only with just food but with kindness and generosity that was offered to my family really gave me hope again that I was not alone anymore. My children and I were so overwhelmed by just how much the hope centre made sure we had everything we needed and never for a second let us go without anything.I will forever be grateful for the help and compassion my family and I have been given, The hope centre really stands for its word, it certainly does give you that hope you need to push forward from a bad situation.Since establishing long term accommodation, I have been able to focus on bettering our future and the way I have managed to do that is by giving back to the people that were able to give to me in our desperate time of need. I volunteer now at the hope centre whenever I can and it gives me that bit of satisfaction that I too am able to help someone out that has been in the same situation as my family.


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