True Steel

Our True Steel programme focuses on our under thirties who are affected by long term unemployment or have never been employed. This is often connected to areas where intergenerational unemployment is a massive issue. Currently 76% of students have come from some of the most disadvantaged suburbs in Australia.

True Steel targets a gap in the market where training offered is sensitive to participant needs. We have numerous success stories, for instance those suffering with mental health challenges, with a disability and with a history of drug abuse achieve meaningful employment outcomes.

Presently 82% of participants have secured employment or are pursuing further education through University of Wollongong Australia or with other Registered Training Organisations. Federal government funding has made this possible.


For further info contact Jeff Dakers 0419 601 040


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If you are interested in this great opportunity to be trained to enter into the work place give us a call for details of dates of next courses.



Courtney’s First Christmas at the Hope Centre

Courtney’s Testimony

When I first started at the Hope Centre – Illawarra Food Hub it was as part of the work for The Dole Programme, I worked on the shop floor stacking shelves and re-packing eggs into cartons. I made quite a few friends here and started to fit right in, I was soon moved into the office and became part of the Administration team, I continued with this even as a volunteer, helping out as part of fundraising at barbecues and various other events. Gally and Jeff had always been lovely towards me and even introduced me to the Lighthouse Church which I attend most Sunday’s. I was then introduced to their training program which led to Gally then giving me the opportunity of employing me as their Administration Officer, no day is ever the same (but who would want that anyway!). I am forever grateful for what they have done for me and the relationships I have built with other people because of this.


Blake’s Graduation

Blake’s Testimony April 2017

Hello my name is Blake and I have completed the True Steel course where I learnt how to work with a team and different variety of jobs like how to work with customers, stack shelves, warehousing and much more.

I enjoyed working with the lovely people at the Hope Centre and the great Supervisers. I have made a lot of good changes in my life since I started the course as it showed me how to be more positive and believe I have a good future ahead of me.

My hope was to become a cabinet maker and do an apprenticeship which I have now after the Hope Centre placed me into two weeks work experience at Leisure Coast Kitchens.
It has given me true hope and purpose for my life thank you to the Federal Government for funding this amazing course you have made such a difference in my life and so many others. Im not on the dole and can save for my future and Im going to give up the smokes and become healthier.