Illawarra Food Hub (IFH), formerly called Foodbarn, has played an integral part in the provision of good quality food to those marginalised in our region for since 2007.

The statistics paint the picture;

Illawarra Food Hub rescues in excess of 58 tonnes of food a week, serves multiple breakfast and school programmes; works in collaboration with many welfare agencies; the home of over 125 volunteers from all walks of life including Work for the Dole; Work Development Orders, Disability agencies; our wonderful seniors community, the list is endless.

Thanks to the generosity of our major Rescued Food Supporters like Woolworths, Coles / Secondbite, IGA, Kembla Grange Racecourse, Win Sports & Entertainment Centres, and many more plus the financial support of Good Guys Warrawong , Nowra, Hino we can continue bringing Hope to our community.

Illawara Food Hub rescues food in the region and as far as Sydney, Southern Highlands and Nowra, IFH brings together local agencies, charity organisations and businesses involved in the food rescue.Approximately 58 tonnes per week are collected, 2500 food hampers and 4700 outreach meals provided from food rescue. Overall, this project results in the delivery of more than 7000 meals each week to families in the Illawarra region and surrounding regions.The food rescue is one aspect of the work of The Hope Centre.

Open Tuesday through Friday 10am to 3pm this service is available to anyone in receipt of a Centrelink benefit,anyone who falls in the low income bracket or anyone experiencing hardship. We offer access to a large range of food products including meat, dairy, bakery, cereal, toiletries, cleaning products and of course FREE fruit, veggies, bread and many other items. Conditions apply.

People travel as far as Nowra , Helensburgh and the Southern Highlands to assess IFH we have buses that bring some groups , to date we have helped over 100,000 people and the numbers continue to increase due to the down turn of our economy.

Agencies, schools, churches not for profit groups can also join to assess the service, to date we have twenty six organisations we supply to.

FOOD VOUCHERS are available, join the many that have used the scheme including Anglicare; Vinnie’s; South Coast Youth Trust; Men’s Shelter Coniston; South Care; Illawarra Homeless Hub; Southern Family Services; SACYA.


Quick Facts

about food waste


Australia produces enough food to feed 60 million people, yet 2 million Australian do not have access to enough safe, nutritious food.


Greenhouse gases produced by food waste in landfill each year is equivalent to the emissions of Australia’s steel and iron ore industries combined!


8.2 million tonnes of food waste is generated each year in Australia, most of which ends up in landfill.


The Australian commercial and industrial sector sends approximately 1.5 million tonnes of food waste to landfill each year.

What is the

Illawarra Food Hub?

The Illawarra Food Hub (IFH) collects good food destined for landfill and redistributes it to people in need.

IFH is a group of community food aid organisations and businesses that:

Increase the amount of food rescued
Improve access to healthy food for people in need
Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill
Raise awareness of food insecurity, food aid and food rescue

The Illawarra Food Hub can provide assistance to those who work in the community to support people experiencing food insecurity.

All recovered food is free but there is a small cost of recovery to cover petrol, storage etc. Cost recovery rates do not have a profit margin. Community members can also access the IFH.

We take food safety seriously!

To ensure donated food is safe, the IFH donors and partner Food Aid Agencies:

Have a nominated food safety supervisor
Are inspected on a regular basis by Council
Are covered by Good Samaritan legislation protecting companies and individuals from liability when food is donated and distributed in good faith.

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